About the Project

Ride for Rainbows is a flagship night cycling fundraising event organised by Club Rainbow (Singapore) since 2012. This event aims to raise public awareness as well as funds to support children who suffer from a range of major chronic and potentially life-threatening illnesses and their families.

There were a total of 4 categories for this year’s edition of the event – the 300km Virtual Ride, 60km Physical Ride, 20km Physical Ride and a new 10km Physical Ralk (Run and Walk). This year’s format catered to the various community groups – cyclists, runners and walkers to come together for a good cause.


PICH was once again given the opportunity to deliver this meaningful event. From the planning and coordinating of event operations and plotting of cycling and running routes, we set out to ensure that all measurements are in place to allow the participants to cycle or run in a safe environment.

Unfortunately, the physical cycling and ralking events was eventually cancelled and converted to the virtual format due to the elevated haze level right on the eve of the event day. PICH worked closely with the client throughout the entire day from when the government made official announcements regarding the haze situation, to ensure that participants get regular and clear updates on the status of the event. Decisions and changes were made in a matter of hours, guided by the mandatory risk management plan that PICH develops for every event. Eventually, the activities were consolidated to contain within the venue, to allow participants to enjoy the food spread catered, as well as collection of event pack. The event also pivoted into a virtual format to allow for those in the physical category to complete their rides in order to receive the event medal