Our Team

A homegrown Singapore company, built around a team of motivated and highly experienced individuals.

Wayne Leong

Executive, Finance and Admin

His good work ethics coupled with professional experience and positive attitude makes him a valued asset to the organisation.

Lyn Yeoh

Senior Executive, Finance and Admin

She keeps a positive and determined attitude to learn and adapt to new environment, all while keeping the books accurate and updated promptly.

Jeremy Seow

Executive, Event Operations

His ability to maintain a calm composure allows him to analyse and react to new situations with the knowledge and experience in event operations he has accumulated from his past events.

Sherlyn Chow

Executive, Commercial Operations

Her specialty in commercial operations and event programming contributed greatly to all the events she has been a part of.

Marcus Lim

Senior Executive, Event Management

An ex-military officer and versatile individual, Marcus is capable in multiple areas of event management.

Lee Geng Tao

Senior Executive, Event Administration

Her strong interpersonal skills is what gives her the edge to manage up to 7,000 volunteers in a single event.

Lee Lih Long

Manager, Event Operations

Lih Long has 8 years of event management experience. He joined the sports event industry in 2011 as a member of the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, specialising in site operations.

Daryl Tan

Manager, Event Administration

Daryl began his career managing a start-up online magazine serving digital marketing news in Asia Pacific.

Kimberly Fong

Senior Manager, Event Administration

Kimberly has six years of event management experience, specialising in programming and protocol management in sports events.

Cecilia Liew

Consulting Director, Business Administration

Cecilia brings to PICH an impressive 14 years of marketing and event management experience spanning across the tourism, media and sporting sectors, in both the private and public sectors.

Jaymes Tan

Senior Consulting Director, Business Administration

Jaymes’ background in sports event management and operations started when he handled the Singapore Marathon in 2002.