About the Project

A cycling club created by Prudential, the PRURide Seeker’s Society is a platform that brings like-minded avid cyclists together for various uniquely curated content, such as to the Tour de France Prudential Singapore Criterium event in 2023. To participate in the criterium, riders went through a clinic and race simulation programme specially created to prepare the novice and experienced riders for a challenging race format like the criterium. The PRURide Seekers’ Society Cycling Clinics and Race Simulations 2023 was created as a launchpad for novice cyclists to get into the racing scene.

While the number of cyclists have increased, especially in recent years, Prudential realised that many road cyclists seek the thrill of racing, but did not foray into it because of the fear in riding with more experienced riders, much less in a tight and high speed group that’s in a criterium. While a full training programme was created for the novice, a separate race category was also created for riders with prior racing experience to race together and fight for national ranking points.  

This year, attendance to the cycling clinics and race simulations served as a condition to enter the amateur races of the Tour de France Prudential Singapore Criterium. The programme was very well received, with slots full taken up within a week from launch!


The project kicked off with In-depth discussions and brainstorming with Prudential to ensure that key objectives are aligned and clear. Once that is done, PICH took on end-to-end management of the planning and execution, as well as working with appointed third-party vendors to that the entire programme and customer journey is as seamless as possible.

Together with accredited professionals, we devised a training programme which is suited to cyclists who may have been riding for many years but have never participated in a race, to ease them into racing and the rules of riding in a tight, large and fast group. The 3-step curriculum proposed aimed to provide cyclists whom already have good bike control to get a taste of racing without needing to commit a large amount of time and money.

A total of three cycling clinics were organised prior to the Tour de France Prudential Singapore Criterium event, which featured theory and practical sessions led by professional coaches certified by the UCI, as well as appearances by our local national riders to share training tips and riding alongside them. At the close of the clinics, all riders attended a race simulation event which was held at the Jurong West Stadium, where the their training was put to the test. Narrow circuit and tight turns were created to simulate the various situations riders may face in the course of a criterium, to better prepare them physically and mentally.

A race simulation event was also catered for the seasoned riders, where benefit and experience of riding and hearing from the national riders and coaches gave them new insights to take their racing game to the next level.


Photo Credit: Prudential Assurance Company Singapore Pte Ltd & Pop illusion