About the Project

On 3 July 2023, OCBC unveiled a refreshed OCBC logo as part of an effort to unify the brand across the core markets. While being modernised, the logo retains the iconic Chinese junk symbol which represents the group’s entrepreneurial and resilient spirit.


PICH was engaged to produce a ceremony to celebrate the momentous occasion. As a tribute to the bank’s heritage, a traditional lion dance performance was prepared, alongside a large-scale curtain unveil mechanism build up covering over 6 metres tall and 8 metres wide. We choreographed the entire ceremony with multiple groups of stakeholders to ensure that the entire show was delivered seamlessly from rehearsals to the actual day. At the same time, a 4 metres long customised structure of the event logo was built as a backdrop for photo-taking which proved to be popular. After the unveiling, the 300-strong crowd was served with breakfast while they networked with their fellow colleagues to close off the event.