About the Project

OCBC Cycle is Singapore’s largest mass cycling event since 2009. It aims to be a safe cycling platform for riders across all cycling proficiencies. Championing cycling as a year-round way of life and giving cyclists the opportunity to cycle on closed roads with scenic views, OCBC Cycle is sanctioned by the Singapore Cycling Federation and supported by Sport Singapore. The event attracts close to 7,000 cyclists every year since its change in format in 2015.

OCBC Cycle 2023 returns as a full-scale event after three years, embedding both physical and virtual rides in the event to cater to the interest of various participants. Over the weekend on 6 and 7 May 2023, the event attracted close to 7,000 cyclists across six physical ride and two virtual ride categories


All eyes were on the first full-scale return of OCBC Cycle since the easing of safe management measures. PICH returned as the main organiser for the 9th year and undertook the entire operational planning and execution, from venue programme and design to route and traffic planning with the authorities. As with any events, PICH ensured that a risk management exercise and plan was drawn up to address possible issues. This proved fruitful this year as the weather came down on the participants of the mass ride, resulting in a delay and shortening of route. While the situation was not ideal, the contingency plans kicked in smoothly to ensure that the inconvenience to participants was kept as minimal as possible.

In addition to the annual OCBC Cycle Speedway Championship, a new individual competitive riding category – OCBC Cycle Indoor Ride by Shimano – was also introduced to the event this year; to bring fresh content and introduce racing to a different group of audience in a safe and controlled environment. Similar to an outdoor race, participants experienced the resistance of the pedals as the navigate through the hills and slopes of the virtual route. The top 3 participants of the category walked away with prizes worth up to $600.

Additionally, the Virtual Ride category brought about new challenges for participants as a new distance of 500km was introduced in the event. Individual participants have to complete a total of 500km across 4 rides in order to be deemed successful in completing their challenge.