About the Project

OCBC Cycle Singapore aims to promote a safe, premium cycling platform where participants come together to ride safely on closed roads in the heart of the city. OCBC Cycle Singapore also aims to incorporate safe cycling as a way of life. Over the weekend on 11 and 12 May 2019, the event gave nearly 6,800 cyclists a chance to bond with their families and friends.In the fifth year of organising OCBC Cycle, OCBC has decided to shine a light on global warming as it is one of the biggest environmental factors that requires action taken now. With that, green initiatives were to make a positive impact towards the environment by reducing the event’s carbon footprint.


To support OCBC’s commitment towards going green, some of the initiatives implemented were:
  • One tree planted for every 50 cyclists registered.
  • Stop the usage of single-use plastic in event pack collection.
  • Issue event bibs in wood-free paper envelopes.
  • Wrap event medals in tracing paper.
  • Organise workshops on recycling and up-cycling.
  • Replace trophies for OCBC Cycle Speedway Championships with reusable steel tumblers from Hydro Flask.
  • Repurpose event banners and used plastic containers into useful items, such as tote bags and furniture.
  • Compost fruit peels into plant fertilisers.
These efforts earned OCBC Cycle 2019 the Singapore Environment Council’s Eco Event Certification – the first event to receive such a certification.