About the Project

In 2023, Ernst & Young (EY) Singapore set out to host the first ever Dinner and Dance event inside the iconic Singapore National Stadium. PICH was appointed to deliver this momentous occasion, coupled with their annual Inter-Department Games (IDG) which saw over 500 athletes across the 4 service lines fielding teams in various sports to compete for the overall champion. It was a full day event starting with the sports in the day, before moving into a night of fun, food and drinks for over 3,000 guests.

With the focus of the event being entirely on the enjoyment of their staff, the night was lined with programmes to bring entertainment, showcase in-house talents and the highly-anticipated lucky draw segment dishing out high-quality prizes.


With the detailed specifications in mind, PICH took over the planning and execution of almost every component of the event; from running the tournament, to preparing the F&B, activities and stage programming – all in the span of one month! As the first organiser of such an event in an unconventional venue, communication between the various client, stakeholders and vendors was kept extremely tight to ensure that everyone is aligned on expectations to deliver an amazing show. To top things off, the entire Stadium was converted into a D’n’D ground within a single day!

On top of the management and execution of 6 sporting competition – Basketball, Captain’s Ball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Futsal and Track & Field, PICH also took on a pivotal role in the delivery of back-to-back stage performances throughout the night. From live band performances, to EY’s very own in-house talent show, and even a catwalk segment put up by the leaders of EY, there was never a moment of boredom in the programme-filled day!

It was a night to remember with live bands, stage performances, arcade games, food and drinks for all who attended, marking a successful first partnership between PICH and EY.