About the Project

OCBC Cycle Singapore aims to promote a safe, premium cycling platform where participants come together to ride safely on closed roads in the heart of the city. OCBC Cycle Singapore also aims to incorporate safe cycling as a way of life.

In compliance with governmental regulations due to Covid-19, OCBC Cycle 2020 was converted to a virtual ride.

From 1 – 15 November, 4,700 participants took part in The Sportive VR (42km), The Straits Times VR (23km) and Mighty Savers® Kids VR (4km or 700m) virtually as they plot their own route and cycled anywhere – outdoors or indoors.


In order to replicate the OCBC Cycle experience for the virtual ride, participants who were entitled to the event apparel received them before the start of the virtual ride. This allowed them to don the event apparel when they complete their virtual ride forging bonds and a sense of unity even when everyone was apart.

The event received tremendous support and was fully subscribed within 6 weeks. Participants were given a user portal to log in to for submission of their ride details and selfies with their bicycles. To celebrate their efforts, participants were given a surprise at the end of the ride where the selfies submitted were uploaded on OCBC Cycle’s Facebook page with a customised frame displaying the ride category they took part in and the duration it took for them to complete their ride.